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Christmas Commercialism FTW?

November 16, 2009

The funniest thing about Christmas is that the people who complain about how popular Christmas is tend to be the people who should be happiest that Christmas is such a big deal.  While the rest of the world is out there promoting Christ, many of our brothers and sisters are decrying the commercialism that comes with Jesus’ birthday.

Why? What a great mechanism for getting the word out about Jesus!  Heck, a big part about evangelism practically takes care of itself this time of year!  We just need to be out there seizing the moments and making a good impression on people!

Now, I know that people are reading this are still grumbling about commercialism, greed, and whatever else they can come up with.  After all, this is just my opinion right?  I don’t know.  I read Paul in Philippians 1:15-18 where he acknowledges that there are going to be some who preach Christ for their own gain (v17).  Paul asks “But what does it matter?” then answers by saying motives don’t matter.  What matters is that Christ is preached.  I think that Paul, the ultimate evangelist would shout “Christmas commercialism FTW!” then put himself in a position to do his job while somebody else takes care of the promotion part.

So while there is a lot of noise at Christmas, one thing cannot be denied: eventually somebody is going to be confronted with the Jesus side of Christmas.  A seed has to be planted before it can grow.

So I wonder, are you going to be doing your part to make sure that they are able to get good answers?  Or are you going to hide at home and bemoan this season for its supposed folly?

Christmas Commercialism FTW!