Things to Come for iWorshipYahweh

Before I do another post, I want to thank everybody who participated in discussions about worship and the importance of relevance in our worship offerings.  I delayed so long in putting up a follow up my concluding thoughts because many of you had a lot to say on the subject.

With that said: I’m working on finalizing my ideas on the topic and putting together a few more posts.  A few things that you can expect from the near future (not in this order):

  1. The Little Village that Could
  2. Is our worship offering to God a performance?
  3. Is using secular songs in our worship offering to God acceptable?

While I’m putting together my thoughts on these topics, feel free to email me your thoughts! .

Your Servant,

Cory Zipperle


4 Responses to “Things to Come for iWorshipYahweh”

  1. Milo Says:

    Me experiencing more of God is not performance. Obedience, service, and love is what God wants because it is what brings us closer together. Experiencing a worship teams skills can be viewed as a performance. Many preachers perform and members perform for their own needs and sometimes my performance is based on my need to do well enough; but worship is a vertical and horizontal experience that God and we want because we need it for the best that is possible.

  2. iworshipyahweh Says:

    I like your comments, but wonder what you mean when you say “but sometimes my performance is based on my need to do well enough”.

  3. bhmcintosh Says:

    Interesting question about “secular” songs in a “sacred” context. I once went ’round with the program manager at the local Christian station about several things, one of which was this: Why is it that a song performed by a “secular” artist is not acceptable in their playlist, but the *same song* by a “Christian” artist *is* acceptable? I mean, if Delirious? or Third Day covers a U2 song, does that somehow “sanctify” it? What if the cover’s a musically inferior effort?

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