Hello World, the real one

Apparently when you setup a WordPress blog for the first time, it automatically generates a first time post called “hello world”.  Being somewhat nerdy, OK… I bite.  I’ll kill theirs and make my own “hello world” blog.

So my blog.  What do I have to contribute to this world that is already saturated with amature writing?  I honestly don’t know.  I do quite a bit of writing, mostly about worship and church related issues.  The problem is, I don’t share very much of it.  The people that I do tend to share with seem to find some value in my opinions, and even suggest from time to time that I make more of an effort to put my thoughts “out there.”  So OK… I’ll give it a shot.  Maybe I’ll find an audience.  Maybe I won’t.  We will just see what happens to stop by when I make a post!


Cory Zipperle


3 Responses to “Hello World, the real one”

  1. Joseph Himore Says:

    Welcome to your new blog!

  2. Jerry Q Hutchinson Says:

    Some good thoughts, Corey Z

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